Sandra Title
Gallery 271

LOCATION #5 – Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum

Phone  – 647-287-4397

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A self taught Artist, Sandra Title is unconstrained by conventional boundaries of medium. She uses acrylic as a base for media as varied as oil, paper, cloth and crayon/ink. Her improvisatory method and gestural techniques are drawn from Impressionist Abstract Artist, Joan Mitchell.


I attended a Creative Arts program at the Notingham University. I have participated in The Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Images Studio Tour, Muskoka Art Fair, solo show at the Innisville Town Hall & several solo art shows at Gallery 271. My gallery/studio is in the Town of Oro Station, where I enjoy country landscapes, summer gardening & changing of the fall colours, all an inspiration to add to my palette. By exhibiting in these shows I have gained experience and have accumulated a large client email list that would be an advantage for drawing Art lovers to the Coldwater show.