Robyn Hause

LOCATION #5 – Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum

Phone  – (705) 326-9461

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I work in pyrography (wood-burning), paint and pencil, I have developed an unique style of combining pyrography and painting on liveedge wood, depicting nature on nature!


As a self taught artist I have dabbled in painting, drawing and wood-burning most of my life, raising a family put serious art endeavours on hold until I developed arthritis, then realized I better get back to it. I took graphite pencil drawing lessons from local artist Mark Tumber which benefitied all aspects of my art, his classes increased my recognition of shapes, subtleties and tonal values more. I have created custom art for local and distant clients of game boards, portraits, pets, wildlife and memorials. As an unique local artist, I am honoured to participate in the Coldwater Tour.