Prudence Smith


Address: 40 Maple Drive, Orillia ON L3V 3W2

Home Phone: 705 325 9029
Mobile Phone: 705 327 4777




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“Colour and design splashed by a touch of whimsy have always been touchstones of my work. Primarily a colourist, I prefer the juxtaposition of shape and pigment to that of light and shadow. My paintings use stylized images known for their colourful pigment, sense of playfulness and the use of outlined shapes, which together create an image reminiscent of mosaics or stained glass.

I continue to be fascinated by still life composition with its opportunity of rearranging and manipulating form to achieve my desired result. For more than 10 years I have also delighted in developing a line of whimsical creatures. Initially intended as art for children, these pieces can bring joy to any age.”


An Orillia based watercolour artist, Prudence Smith obtained a BA followed by a Diploma in Child Study from the University of  Toronto leading to employment in the Child Life department of the Hospital for Sick Children. Years later the serendipity of a summer art course rekindled a childhood attraction to paint and paper. For over 30 years her unique style has evolved along a path of self discovery.