Melissa Van Dam

Melissa Van Dam Studio

LOCATION #7 – Coldwater Community Centre

Phone  – (705) 327-9210

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I primarily work in watercolors, acrylics and graphic design. My signatures are vibrant sunset skylines, landscapes, nature and realism but am always evolving and experimenting.


Born and raised in Orillia, I took a keen interest in art from my earliest memories. Being homeschooled, I had the opportunity to explore and experiment with many different mediums and styles. For many of my teen years and early twenties I was commissioned for family portraits as well as pets. When I started teaching the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain method, it exposed me to the joy of helping others flourish in thier abilities. After about a 10 year break from having 3 children, I have been able to start teaching and creating artwork again with it now being my full time career!