Marina Ivanova

Phone  –  705 506-0143

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Address  – 121 Robins Point Road, Victoria Harbour

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I have always enjoyed art and artistic expressions, but never had time until I moved up north to Victoria Harbour, where the calm and serene atmosphere of the beautiful Georgian Bay inspired me. I am a self-educated painter and had never had any formal training. I use my paintings to express my feelings, emotions that are influenced by nature and the energy around me. My work is simple but my paintings contain energy, love and tranquillity that they bring to a home in which they live in.

Artistic Statement:

I work with acrylic, oil and mix media mediums. I don’t specifically restrict myself to one type of genre or medium simply because I like experimenting and playing with different effects. My philosophy is to paint from the heart and from what inspires me, not because I have to but because it makes me happy. There is no particular style that influences me, I enjoy and appreciate all styles of art, which makes my work versatile and unique in its nature. My works are creations of my interpretation of the nature and my travels in Canada (East and West Coast) and the beauty of the landscapes. I have recently started to branch out into abstract art to experiment in free form and fluidity.