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Visually, Marilyn is excited by the constantly changing perspective in our landscape. In painting scenes from nature, it is important to her to capture what is not immediately perceived, such as the human qualities in a tree or a rock that has weathered environmental change. Lately, Marilyn has begun to depict animals and birds as they contribute to the wonder of our world. She continually strives to go past the purely representational to leave room for interpretation and that illusive other that defines art itself.


I am a professional artist who works and displays in Toronto. I have a Diploma in Fine Art from Humber College and a BA in Fine Art and English from York University.

I taught in both areas at the secondary level in London, ON, Sussex, UK, and Toronto.

I am constantly learning and finding new modes of expression in my painting which I do on a full time basis. Shows include the following: Humber Valley Art Club juried show, 2021, Etobicoke Civic Centre juried show, 2019, Blue Mountain Art juried show, 2018, Altered Perception Gallery show, 2017, Pushing Nature, Quest Art Gallery,2017, Junction Solstice Outdoor Show, 2017 and others.

I am a member of the Bloor West Art Tour and have shown my work from my studio for the past five years, pre-pandemic. I have also had work in the Red Canoe Gallery and Art in the Park in Muskoka. I have been influenced by Emily Carr and Georgia O’Keefe and their depictions of the enormous vitality and detail found in nature.

I am interested in participating in the Coldwater and Area tour because of the energy and excitement it generates about art and the possibilities inherent in its creation. I have attended the show for many years and know several participants. I always come away inspired with a fresh new outlook.