Helen Will

LOCATION #7 – Wildflower Farms

Phone  – 705-730-9808

Email  – helenwillcreatingsacredspace@yahoo.com

Website  – http://www.helenwilltheartofhealing.com/

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Painting remains an adventure for me with no preconceived ideas about outcome. This allows new perspectives to emerge in various mediums where spirit and spontaneity can play without interference from conventional expectations.


Helen was introduced to watercolours in 1985. Since then, her vision and style have expanded with new approaches and mediums. She has participated in many shows, and her work has found homes internationally.

Helen feels her work in both traditional and non-traditional nursing inspired much of her art. Interest in Sacred Geometry led to a large series of traditional and new Labyringth designs – available as both paintings and meditation cards.

This year, in addition to her colourful, intuitive paintings and children’s books, she has added a collection of Faery Houses made from materials found in nature.