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Heather’s “storyteller jewelry’ is entirely hand-made and crafted with joy in the folk art tradition. She uses simple tools, her methods are grounded in the traditional female handwork she learned while growing up in rural Ontario, and her process is essentially a silent ‘conversation’ between her and her materials.


Will Bryant best explains what drives Heather’s creative compulsion when he said ‘I make stuff because I get sad if I don’t’. Heather has always made stuff, allowing her creative expression to follow her curiosity and supplementing the traditional handwork skills she learned as a young woman from her mother with knowledge and techniques acquired through art & design courses, books, and a plethora of disparate and fascinating workshops.

The inspiration for Heather’s textile/mixed media jewelry comes from her large collection of vintage/antique photographs, and from her treasured cache of historical bric-a-brac…ribbons and buttons and laces and such, valued and preserved by women past before finding new expression in her hands. Although an individual piece of jewelry is sometimes intended to evoke a sense of one woman’s story, Heather’s work and art pays homage to whole generations of women for their collective strength, persistence, ingenuity, and creativity.

She has participated successfully in many large craft shows and Studio Tours over the

years, and mounted an art show (‘Square Pegs’) featuring her own work and that of four other area artists in 2015. After a COVID hiatus, she jumped back into showing/selling her work as a guest artist at the 2021 Images Studio Tour and is looking forward to interacting with the art-going public as a participant in the Coldwater show.