Frank Drinkwater
Muskoka Wood Bowls

LOCATION #5 – Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum

Phone  – 705-641-9254

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I began selling at the local Farmer’s Markets in 2022 and found that there was a demand for the creations that I make. I expanded in 2023 to include markets across Muskoka


Frank Drinkwater from Muskoka Wood Bowls has been spinning bowls on his lathe since 2019. Believing there’s a missed opportunity in the local marketplace for large wooden salad bowls his work ranges from 6-inch diameter “pinch” bowls up to 30 inch” Monster Salad Bowls.”

Frank has also found that “less than perfect” pieces of timber could be embellished with epoxy resin and turned on the lathe to produce one of a kind artistic pieces and now creates combinations of hybrid wood and resin pieces made from burls, fruit woods and hardwoods sourced from across Ontario.