David Kerr

LOCATION #7 – Coldwater Community Centre

Phone  – (705) 340-3448

Email  – dkerr1159@gmail.com

Website  – https://davidkerrtheartist.wordpress.com/

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My art conveys the beauty and freedom of nature in deep textures and rich colors. It is form of communication to express my soul in ways that can’t be described in words.


I am a self taught landscape artist specializing in oil and palette knife painting. I am part of of an art collective group in Lakefield. I have been doing live demonstrations, art shows and teaching art for many years. I have illustrated books and done motivational sessions and team building using my art. My style is bold, free and representative of the rocks, trees and water of the Coldwater and surrounding area. I have been strongly influenced by the group of seven and inspired by the beauty of our local natural resources.