Cheryl Krismer


Phone  –  705-812-1416

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Instagram: @metalwearjewels
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20 Gray Street (by appointment only)
Coldwater Ontario

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For over 30 years I have worked as a creative professional for clients.  
The transition to designing and making jewellery allows me to be 
creative for myself.  My medium is primarily sterling silver, however at 
times I can also work in titanium, gold or enamel on copper.  The focus 
is on large bold pieces with stunning jewels or unusual stones.  Each 
piece is fabricated by me in my studio and is unique.

The design process allows me to explore ideas that will best show off 
the stone.  I look to make pieces that are bold and strong. My jewellery 
is not intended to be precious, dainty or fine.  I think of the person 
who will wear the finished piece and imagine them to be confidant, self 
assured and want to show off their own style.